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What is False Prophecy?

False Prophecy is a serialized high fantasy book series. Currently, 2-3 chapters are posted weekly on Royal Road, which can be found via the Compositions List. Kon’s Prelude Novel, A Sung Prophecy, is the ongoing project. Kinjra’s saga will begin shortly after its completion.

For a summary of the world, the preface to Kon’s novel, and a teaser for Kinjra’s story, read the three excerpts below.

Everyone knows the Prophecy of the Fated King. Everyone knows of his Six Signs and Seven Trials. Everyone knows he is the one destined to lead an army of soldiers and fae into battle against the spectral invaders known as wraiths.

But what if the Fated King failed, and his Prophecy never comes true? What if he was killed surrounded by loved ones and devoted allies? What if he died four years before the inevitable war for our world’s soul?

Humanity could not possibly survive without him.

Could we?

Nise, 217-563 P.R.

To my darling wife and daring daughter,

This may be my only letter for a short time. As of yesterday, I’ve officially graduated from Westwind Academy and been sent on a mission to support the Fated King’s army in an ongoing Trial. Though I can’t write any details, I want you two to know that you shouldn’t be worried. Many powerful fae have guaranteed our success. You can expect to hear from me again in a couple of weeks, but in the meantime, I have a lot to say. Too much to fit in one letter, so I’ll just fill you in on today.

A couple hours ago, a friend told me I saved his life. Before you worry, it wasn’t from danger. He says I saved him from himself. When he was young, his tongue was mangled and never managed to heal right, impeding his speech. Unable to communicate without being taken seriously, he became ostracized and depressed, but with my fae’s magic, we were able to restore his voice. The man thanked and hugged me with tears in his eyes. His confidence soared immediately.

Honestly? For the first time since Fate took me from our home? I can say that in that moment, I truly felt happy. After everything that has happened, my sole regret is that you two aren’t here with me now. Since I’ve arrived, I’ve met people from all walks of life, and they each tell me the same thing. With all the Seers and fae and soldiers, there’s not a safer place to be on Tairn. As such, the Fated King has agreed to let me come get you after he finishes this Trial. There are other families here that march with and support his army. Everyone is so kind and courteous. Many have said they were excited to welcome you two into their community. It’s like one massive, armored flock!

I already know you’re jumping with joy at the idea, Kinjra, but that’s not all. The Fated King volunteered to help me train you in Kolod Vor himself. Though I haven’t known him long, the man is exactly as the Prophecy described. I trust him with our lives, just like we all trust him with our world’s.

Jrana, honey. I know how you feel about the fae and Fate, but I have to ask. Wouldn’t you rather be together again, as a family? Surely anything would be better than this. Just think about it. Please. Even a minute of consideration would mean the world to me. We’ll return to Kolod Vor after this. In my next letter, I’ll send you our address in the capital.  As soon as I get your reply I can start coming your way.

Running out of space, so I’ll stop here. I hope you both know how much I love and miss you. I think about you two every day. Tell Gul, Cres, and the others I say hi. I’ll try to reach out to them when I have the time and paper.


Your dashing husband and dazzling father,

Kon, 214-563 P.R.

Dear Manual,

You’re not exactly a Diary or a Journal, so Manual will suffice. I figure if my dad could scribble memories in here, then I could too. I’m sure you won’t mind. You’re just a dead bundle of paper, after all, even if you’re an official one. ‘Westwind Academy Seer Manual.’ Hah! Just ‘Manual’ is enough. Who would expect anyone to say the whole thing?

Anywaaay… so I’ve been flipping through your pages, right? Reading all the tiny notes and lyrics written by my father, and the whole time I’m sitting here thinking: UGH! I miss him so much that it takes all my strength not to scream! I would give anything to see him again, but his soul is gone forever. Consumed by his fae. She is sleeping in my grandmother’s music box now. She acts nice, but I think I hate her.

She’s the whole reason I’m eligible to be the “new” Fated King. With the real one gone, that old man Nise says humanity needs a believable lie to bring them hope. Everyone knows the Fated King is the only human born with two fae, so he thinks with both mine and my father’s, I can pick up the pieces where the real one left off. With hope restored, humanity will unite to help save us from the wraiths, once and for all! Hoooray!

Yeah… It sounds insane, doesn’t it? But how could I refuse when the old man was offering to teach me at THE Westwind Academy. The same Academy you’re from! The same Academy where Dad got his training, with actual people that knew him!

If the price I have to pay to experience my father’s last days is to sell this lie to the world, than so be it. I was always a bit of a tomboy. I suppose now I can just be a regular one.

Sun bless me.

Kinjra, 158-564 P.R.